Sept OVS Global Challenge

About Orca virtual Swim Challenge

OVS-challenge is a platform for you to  get motivated and be always race-ready and to be in a great shape.  We will run a swim challenges of varying distance that you can register for. Once registered, you will have 3 weeks to swim your chosen distance. You can do this however you please – in one go or over multiple sessions, it’s completely up to you! Once you have completed your challenge within the time frame given you will need to upload your results during the Evidence Submission period to be validated by us and you will get a shiny medal and  e-certificate as a well earned reward.

Keep on Swimming

In pool or open water, wherever you are, locally or abroad. For health or competition readiness. We provide the needed motivation.

Pick Up A Challenge

Choose realistic distance. Work toward your goal and follow your plan. You can push yourself or stay at your comfort zone. It is all up to you.

Execute & Get Rewarded

You have 3 weeks to complete your selected distance.  Either in a single or multiple session. Participant that completes the challenge and submit the results in the stipulated timeframe will be rewarded with a beautiful medal as part of your accomplishment of the challenge. So Good Luck!!

Registration Period :
8th Aug - 8th Sep 2019

Swim Period:

9th Sep to 28th Sep

Evidence Submission Period :

9th Sep 2019 from 0000hrs to 28 Sep 2019, 2359hrs  GMT +8


·         Achievement e-certificate

·         Achievement Medal


Note : Medal & Finisher e-certificate will only be awarded to participant that completes the swim successfully and uploads the evidence to us.

Categories & Fees (Free Shipment*) :


Orca 2.5km Swim : RM40 (South east Asia resident), RM50 (Rest of the world)
Orca 5km Swim   : RM40 (South east Asia resident), RM50 (Rest of the world)
Orca 10km Swim : RM40 (South east Asia resident), RM50 (Rest of the world)
Orca 15km Swim : RM40 (South east Asia resident), RM50 (Rest of the world)
Orca 25km Swim : RM40 (South east Asia resident), RM50 (Rest of the world)

Orca 40km Swim : RM40 (South east Asia resident), RM50 (Rest of the world)

Orca 50km Swim : RM40 (South east Asia resident), RM50 (Rest of the world)


*Medal Shipment to Malaysian address  will be 2-3 days (via Pos Laju) and the rest of the world will be between 7-14 days (without tracking, additional fee of RM10 if tracking required). The estimated Delivery time applies to major cities. IT may incur additional days  otherwise. Also subjected to custom clearance process.For registered & tracked items, an additional days is needed because it is a recorded delivery service.  

Step one

Enter The Registration




Register via   Look for registration section

Step Two

Simply Swim




Time to hit the pool or any open water location! Swim the distance you selected at your own pace, over the course of 3 weeks (Competition Period)

Step Three

Prove to us




Once you've completed the distance you chose, all you have to do is send us some proof that you did it within the Evidence Submission period. This can be in any form - however you keep track of it yourself is fine.


Keep track Methods as you swim

·        Show your smartwatch records

·         Show your manual record either on excel sheet or our swim logs book 

·         snap a photo of your whiteboard training plans/sessions

       Or any method suitable for you


Get Rewarded

Simply submit by attaching whatever evidence files you have - this can be documents or images to for validation and You will then receive your hard-earned medal  within one or two weeks (Depending on your location) from the date of swim period ends.

Example Email Subject :

Email Subject : OVS Challenge - 5KM (Your Distance)

Note : This will help us to track your evidence easily.

our email address: 

Show off your Medals!!

Once you receive your medals, snap pictures and share your accomplishment via social media platforms with our hashtag - #orcavs so more people can join together in your journey.

Official Rules

·         Challenge yourself and with others, have fun and be safe. Use common sense and exercise vigilant when it comes to safety, weather, or other conditions while taking part in our virtual challenge.

·         Change of categories, refund and/or transfer is not allowed after registration.

·         All participants should upload their results upon completion via their own email to us individually.

·         There will be no submission of results after the stipulated upload cut-off date. No appeal shall be entertained. Please plan your time accordingly.

·         You can complete the challenge in a single time or in a combination of multiple times accumulated during the qualifying period as indicated in the criteria for each category.

·         Participants can register as many categories as you wish. You can use the same results screenshots as long as it satisfied the result criteria and is within the event period.


Any further query please reach us via 


South East Asia Participants

Rest of the World Participants


OWS Monthly Training  At PD or Putrajaya