Perhentian Escape 2020

Perhentian Escape is a unique experience, a shift from our annual Perhentian challenge. There will be no pressures of race day, just the opportunity to explore the serene beauty of the Perhentian Besar & Kecil Islands. You’ll be swimming through breathtaking underwater scenery, with schools of fishes & other fascinating sea creatures flitting through the expanse of coral, juxtaposed against an amazing backdrop of tropical jungle and rocky outcrops.  You’ll have the opportunity to explore some of that jungle landscape with a short 2km hike to an amazing vista on Perhentian Besar. 

                We’ll be taking you alongside some of the race courses from our 4km annual race, both to swim safely as well as partnering up to do a swim/kayak relay! This fun little event is just a warm up for the main event, which is a coaching & technique improvement session by our Guest Coach, in addition to having a chance to put those new tips into action with some guided swims too.  

           We are here to offer you a wonderful swimming experience and an unforgettable trip. Come and join us!

Date -  18-20 Sept (Ladies only)


Registration closing date: 21st Aug


Location - Perhentian Besar & Perhentian Kecil Islands


Max Participation - 20 


Who can join?  To make sure everyone has the time of their lives we try as much as possible to group together swimmers with almost similar pace; So you really get the most out of your Escape experience. We recommend being able to swim non-stop about 1000m in a pool within 40 minutes; any kind of stroke choice.


Minimum age:  13 year old - swimmer’s age as of Dec 31, 2020


Main events: OWS coaching session with special guest coach, 2km Duo Relay (swim & kayak) at Perhentian Besar, Swim&Hike at Perhentian Kecil with options of 700m swim + 2.3km hike | 2km swim + 2km hike | 3800m swim + 2km hike



Sneak Peek Video


Friday  - 14th Aug
boat trip to Island  (8am to 2pm) Kuala Besut Jetty
check-in  3pm  
The barat/mama Chalet
own private time  3-6pm    
welcome dinner & program briefing  6:30pm - 8pm  
The mama's Chalet
Saturday - 15th Aug  
Open Water Swim Coaching (8am to 11am)
Teluk Pauh
a. Motivational/inspiration sharing by swimmer/Coach  
b. Secrets of a successful Open Water Swimming  
c. Training tips building to an open water race.  
d. Teams swim fun race!  
 Leisure Swim  (11am-12pm) Teluk Pauh
a. Underwater filming of swimmers (for memory and art but not stroke correction)  
b. Swim/snorkel/Kayak skill refreshment  at Teluk Pauh   
Break & private time  
2KM Duo Swim (4pm to 7pm)
4km Annual swim route
Swimming/Kayaking warm up
Teluk Pauh
2 team relay swim & kayaking to Turtle beach (2km)
Sunday - 16th Aug
7am to 2pm Main Adventure: Swim Run adventure begins! Location
boat transfer Romantic beach (7am)
The Barat Jetty
2km or 3.8km swim adventure begin
Romantic Beach
Beach hop at  Adam & Eve Bay
Adam n Eve Beach
800m category swim start
Beach hop at Turtle Beach bay
Turtle Beach
Quick Beach Clean up  
Hiking Start for 800m and 2000m group
Swim continue for 3800m meter group
Hiking start d'lagoon  (3.8km group)
D'lagoon Bay
Hiking break at windmill  Windmill stop
hiking end at long beach  (2pm)
Long Beach
Lunch at Long Beach  (adventure end here*)
Boat transfer to the chalet/hotel  
*Optional hiking to the Fishing Village (4.5km) 

Adam & Eve Beach (Beginners swim start )                                         Trail Path

Turtle Beach (hiking start for 700m|2000m group)

Teluk Pauh (OWS Coaching Session)

windmill stop

Lunch at Long Beach

Romantic Beach (2km|3.8km swim start)

2km|4km Duo Relay - Swim&kayak Course 

0.7km|2km|3.8km swim & 2.0km|2.3km Hike Course

Participants Entitlements:


  • Certificates of attendance
  • Experience 800m|2000m|3800m swim & 2000m hike; Beach hopping at prestine bays and beautiful hiking route at Perhentian Kecil
  • Experience 2km Duo of swim & kayak along our beautiful annual 4km race route at Perhentian Besar 
  • Coach guidance/feedback/consultancy throughout the outing and half day coaching session on Saturday morning
  • accommodations 3D2N*
  • T-shirt momento
  • Welcoming Friday's dinner &  lunch at long beach
  • return boat transfer from Kuala Besut Jetty to the Island
  • insurance coverage
  • low ratio support with qualified lifeguards or medical officer/lifeguard of  1:3 
  • craft low ratio support of 1:3
  • Local guide for each group during hiking
  • a single kayak for each duo team
  • chances to make new friends and bonding , instilling teamwork spirit
  • Chances to win sponsorship item from sponsor* 



Participants fee:

Starting from RM605

if you choose the following accommodation(3d2n at the Reef), then add additional cost 

a. Triple sharing (dorm) - rm108 per pax

b. Duo sharing - rm139 per pax  ; 3 room available

c.  Single room -rm278 ; 3 room available   (not shared/matched with any participant)


Please contact us if you would like to arrange own accommodation.  Note that the fee does not inclusive of marine park ticket RM5.00 for locals and RM30 for passport holder.


Safety & Support

Safety and support are paramount to us for this escape, so we guarantee to have the following in our trip:

  • Qualified swimming lifeguards, minimum bronze holders  with low ratio of 1:3.
  • At least one lifeguard with medical credential/background
  • Local pilots who is familiar with the area
  • Boat and kayak/Inflatable support.  Our support craft ratio is low 1:3 which includes 3 boats during swim&hike program
  • First aids kit and rescue related equipment are provided.

Detail of safety plan will be provided in the playbook.

Our Guest Coach of the trip

Angelia Ong (aka Cuddly Boss Lady/CBL Sport) is a former state/national swimmer who has returned to her natural turf, the sea & pool. Angelia is also a FINIS Malaysia Brand ambassador as well as a Real outplay ambassador. She is an educator, in & out of the water. Having successfully swum the majority of the MOWS series as the top female in her age group, she also conquered the Perhentian marathon swim last year, coming in as the fastest solo Malaysian female to date. She also teaches and coaches a small group of OWS/tri/distance swimmers of all ages, from beginners to seniors. Angelia has been giving swim clinics on a regular basis as well. 


You can find her on Instagram: cuddlybosslady or Facebook under CBL Sport.


Click here to for registration, 1st come 1st serve basis


New Normal for OWS:


We are committed to comply with government SOP and our own internal OWS SOP to protect us and others against COVID19. Details of SOP will be provided in the Playbook which will be distributed within 2 weeks of the trip date.


Beside this website; are you going to provide more details or reference? 

Yes, we will provide the escape Playbook that contains detail of the trip, rules, tips,safety,etc.

Do I have to complete all of the swims?

No. This is a holiday, after all! If you need to take a break during a swim you are welcome to jump on the support boat at any time. 

Can I bring a non-swimming guest?

Yes you can.  For safety reasons, they are not allowed to join our safety crafts that accompany our swimmers.

I am planing to exit the Island on Monday, could I continue to hike toward the fish village?

Yes, you can. It is about 4.5km from the long beach via coral bay. 

What are the items should I bring along?


- safety buoy

- sunblock

- goggles

- swimsuit

Optional: snorkel, hand paddles, pull buoy, water shoes


- mosquito repellent

- cap / hat

- trail / jogging shoe

- backpack / drawstring bag

Optional: trekking poles, hydration bag

How safe are your the swim/hiking course?

The swim course we choose is one of least busiest location.  We have tested the all the route before.  With local guides accompany us, it will be safer.

Can I use a snorkel on the swims?

Yes, you can use. We recommend to use front swimming snorkel.  You will be enjoying more on underwater view without worrying on breathing.  We also allow you to use hand paddle, and pull buoy. We discourage to use fins due to possibility of getting cramp. If you used to it then we allow too. 

Can i use a wetsuit?

Yes, you can. with the water temperature around 29 degree, wearing a wetsuit is not suitable.

Is wearing cap compulsory?

It is not compulsory to wear swimming cap. However wearing tow float or swimming buoy is compulsory for everyone.

I can only swim with breast stroke. Any issue?

While front crawl is the most widely used stroke on the trip, all strokes are welcome - even butterfliers!

If I chose my own accommodation, which chalet or hotel could you recommend?

We recommend you to stay at Perhentian Besar due to logistic convenience. Perhentian Island Resort, The Coral View, The Barat, The mama's Chalet are highly recommended.  

Whom I contact for more help?

Please email to or whatapp +019 277 8554 (Amir)


more FAQs to be added soon



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