Are you ready for a challenge of The longest swimming distance challenge in this region; Around the gorgeous Island of perhentian, East Coast of Malaysia. 16km marathon swim.  This is going to be most iconic event in south east asia.

About the swim:  The challenge is to swim about 16KM in distance around one of Perhentian Islands called Pulau Besar. The Perhentian Islands are a small group of beautiful, coral-fringed islands off the coast of northeastern Malaysia in the state of Terengganu.


Organizer:  swimon & Larrosa OWS


Swim Course : Marathon Swim around Perhentian Island Besar (Anti-clockwise)


Distance : Aprox.16km Starting and ending from Teluk Pauh Beach 


Estimated time to swim:  Between 3h 30’ - 7 hours (16Km) 

Flag off :        7:00am - Cut off 14:00pm (7hours)

Event Date: Saturday – Sunday 16th   September 2017


Time Controls: There will be a time control at halfway (maximum 3.5hours)


Support Measures: All swimmers will be supported and obligatorily assisted by a boat (rigid, semi-rigid, Kayak, pneumatic) in order to offer active support, equipment and safety.  At all times they will be located at a safe distance but not more than 25 meters away from the swimmer. There will also be 3 mandatory pass control points during the race,  well signed by Boat Control or Buoys. These points of control will be boats or buoys, for which we must pass .  In addition we will have boats along the route with medical assistance, lifeguards and judges,  who will watch over the safety and correct development of the race.   All swimmers must provide, mandatory, an assistant-coach who will be in the boat or as kayaker during all the race.  The assistant-coach will also control the swimmer conditions at all time and call or ask for help by phone - walkie talkie in case of emergency to our Safety 


Race Course: Active support boats (or kayaks) for each swimmer  and s afety support. The race will consist on swimming around island, no further than 200m from the shore.  The only location further than 200m is where the crossing at Flora Bay,  swimmers will swim  via  an imaginary straight accross the bay. The route will be marked with some buoys between and near control pass.


Personal support and supervision:

The four dynamic boats of the event will have experienced pilots.

-There will be boats on signed areas covering the discountinuous lines color, with lifeguard and first aids equipment.

-Another boat is flowing from head to tail of the race, and will be equipped with medical supplies for first aid and a medical doctor.

-Those have space to accommodate swimmers who have to leave the race.


Emergency Aids

Medical doctor, lifeguard-first aid. The most common dangers  swimmers  are exposed in open water are jellyfish, water temperature and cramps.



The boats have the necessary security measures by law, an accident insurance and liability rule. It has also hired an accident insurance for each  swimmer.The organizers will have a liability insurance for the event and the swimmers who will cover the race. Each swimmer must have compulsory accident insurance and medical health certificate.


Water temperature:It will be around 28-31 ° C 


Categories : General 


Champion Trophy

 Awards to all swimmers finishers

Commemorative Trophy with position

Certificate for Finisher

Commemorative T-shirts 

 Commemorative T-shirts for Assistant-Coach



Maximum Number of  participants: 15 swimmers.

The Pre-registration by swimmer will be; From 21st July  to 31st July .

The definitive swimmers admitted list and swimmers waiting list will be post in our website and facebook 1st August.

Registration payment will be from 1st August to 10th August.

If there are more vacancies we will communicate to Waiting list swimmers.

All swimmers will  provide  their own Assistant-Coach or Kayaker-Assistant. 


Registration Fees

Registration + Boat + Boat Driver - RM1500

Registration + Kayak (you must bring your Assistant-Kayaker) - RM1200


Registration :  


Support Vessels

There will be a briefing for kayakers, boats pilots and security , coinciding with the briefing race for swimmers (Friday 15th September)

-If any swimmer want to provide his own boat-vessel it will be obligatory to send to the organization 30 days before;

-Pilot tittle

-Boat Insurance

-Boat navigation license

-The Swimmers will commit to using garments (cap, t-shirts)  provided by the Organization for acts of presentation and awarding ceremony. All the swimmers accept to consent the use of photographs of the race in the Media and social networking of the event.



The Minimum age for participation is 18 years.

The Inscriptions can be formalized from the website of the race,  in the inscriptions .

The payment of the fee for the race will be by card in our TPV online. (1st -10th August)

All Swimmers and boat pilots must necessarily be submitted to the briefing talk the day before the race.

The Start will take place from Teluk Pauh Jetty.

The start of the Race will be at 7:00 am in the water.

Every swimmer is responsible for providing and organizing their own supplies feeding during the race. -All swimmers are required to pass through the "step controls", (these buoys are located every 4-5Km. Failure to go through one of the controls will result in disqualification and withdrawal of the race). 

There will be 4 pass control points required, well signposted with large buoys. In addition the cut will be of 3h30 'in the middle of the route (8Km). All swimmers who do not exceed the cut shall be disqualified and shall be placed on the support boat.'In the finish area there will be food and drink, as well as showers.



1. Misidentification according to these rules.

2. Start before the signal of a starter.

3. Helping by any type of vessel or auxiliary means to improve delivery in the water (fins, mittens, wetsuits, snorkels, etc.) or reduce the distance to swim.

4. Altering the progress of other swimmers, violating the basic rules of respect and "Fair Play".

5. Access the goal by any site other than the arrival.

6. Do not wear the cap at all times. 

7. Throught any not organic materia to the sea. To Pollute the sea can also be punishable  by law.

8. Any other circumstances not covered in these regulations but which, according to the organization, is grounds for disqualification.

9. The drafting behind the support boat or kayak is prohibited, this will be always located beside a safe distance.

10. During the feeding will be forbidden to touch the support boat.

11. There will only be allowed to wear FINA approved swimsuits.


The organizer reserves the right to change the point of arrival or departure, delaying the departure time, change the date or any modification for swimmers safety. If the race started, it will be considered performed,  even in the case of suspended during, no proceeding registration.

The race is considered valid and entitled to prizes if, for safety reasons is canceled and retired swimmers from the water, at 50% of the race or more, respecting the positions given at the time of cancellation .



Friday September 15th , 2017

Meeting  point at the Hotel (pending) (Perhentian Besar) at 18:30 for briefing and Pasta Dinner

Delivery Of documentation of the race to swimmers and coaches.

Official presentation and press conference swimmers and coaches,  in the conference room of the (pending) Hotel . Official photo.

Technical Briefing at 18:30  will be with swimmers, coaches, kayakers and assistant-Coach.

Saturday September 16th , 2017

The meeting point will be Teluk Pauh Jetty (PIR) at 6:15 am

The Start time of the race will be at 7:00 am

The arrival of the first swimmers to Jetty again will be from 10:30. The finish line will close at 14:00, and at this time any competitor who can be swimming will be taking out form the water. 

In the finish line swimmers will have supplies, showers and tent for swimmers.

Upon arrival swimmers may go to rest.

The award ceremony  will be at 17:30 Saturday at the restaurant .(we will confirm)

Sunday September 17th , 2017

12:00pm Jetty Transfer to Kuala Besut


Recommended Accomodation:  The Coral View,  The Barats,  The Mama's   (we have blocked some rooms for your reservation)



Any further question please email to us: 

Travel Recommendations:
Flight: A flight from KLIA/Subang Airport will reach Kota Bharu airport in about 45 minutes. Then another 45 minutes from the airport to Kuala Besut Jetty by land transport. 
If you wish to come by bus, you can take a bus that stop at Kuala Besut Jetty or Jerteh. If you are at Jerteh, you need more 10 to 15 minutes to reach the Kuala Besut Jetty.
Highly recommended to book an early flight to Kota Bharu as the first trip from Jetty to the Island is at 11am. More importantly to book a return flight no later than 3PM to avoid unnecessary rush.
about boat transfer:  Boats leave Kuala Besut (Jetty)  for Perhentian from 8 am to 4.30 pm and return at 8am, 12pm and 4 pm. The boat trip takes half an hour but allow for one hour for planning travel times.

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