PD Thistle OWS - 23.09.23

Registration period:  13.09 to 21.09


Event date: 23rd Sept  2023

Location: Thistle PD Resort

Min Age:  16 years old and above.

Entitlement: E-certificate (upon request), Thistle Lunch Pack (clinic only),  Medic/Suport Team, high quality coaching by Myswim team


*Open Water Clinic* presented by expert coaches of MySwim Coaching, in collaboration with IRONMAN Malaysia. This clinic aims to equip you with the necessary skills to conquer the challenges of open sea swimming. Whether you’re a first time open water swimmer or a seasoned triathlete seeking to fine-tune your skills, this clinic will give you the skills and confidence to perform at IRONMAN Langkawi and the Perhentian 4KM/16KM Challenge. 


For beginners, the clinic covers the following:

✅ Essential open water skills such as safety and survival, sighting, and buoy turning.

✅ Safe experience of swimming in the sea for the first time.



- Ability to swim freestyle nonstop for 400 meters

- Average pace of under 3:30 min/100 meters


For advanced swimmers, the clinic covers the following:

✅ Sharpening open water skills and learning advanced techniques.

✅ Swimming without a safety buoy to simulate IRONMAN race conditions.



- Ability to swim freestyle nonstop for 1000 meters

- Average pace of under 2:30 min/100 meters

- Previous open water swimming experience


Separately, there will also be a self-training session (no coaching). Please select this option you would like to swim on your own and do not want any coaching. Safety buoy is compulsory.


      Note: For PARA swimmers clinic please contact this number for the registration: +60 10-243 8304 ( Afiq )


Itinerary (AM)

9:00 - Site registration  

9:20 - Safety briefing

9:30 - Session Start

12:30 - Session End 





Select your clinic option based on the photo below accordingly

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Location (The ThistlePort Dickson Resort)