PD Thistle OWS Clinic for beginners/Training (22nd July - Saturday)

Registration period:  18st  Jul to  21st  Jul 2023.  


Event date: 22nd Jul 2023

Max Pax: 15 

Location: Thistle PD Resort

Min Age: 13 year old

Requirements: Able to swim 400m freestyle continuously in a pool for beginners session.

Entitlement: E-certificate (upon request), drinking water,  Water Safety


Events types: 

      1. Beginner  Clinic - Designed for first-timers; transition from pool based to open-water. The session is to introduce essential OWS skills to help you prepare for your first open water race. Learn how to overcome anxiety, how to sight & navigate, how  to turn, etc and gain confidence to swim in the sea. 


       2. Self-training Session - This session is suitable to swimmers who already have OWS basic skills and would like to practice and condition by themselves. A swim course is setup with marking buoys, craft and lifeguard support. No coaching provided. First-timer is not recommended.


Itinerary (AM)

8:30 - Site registration  

8:50 - Safety briefing

9:00 - Session Start

11:00 - Session End




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Location (The ThistlePort Dickson Resort)